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in for gurvir dhindsa. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a check of our weather with tucker barnes. he has the latest for us. good morning, tucker. >> should be a fine-looking day but on the hot side with, once again, high temperatures back into the 90s. i know it is the first full day of fall but our temperatures will be back in the 90s. you can see the shower and thunderstorm activity well off the coast. still some leftover cloud cover and some fog across the area. it will be beautiful at least as far as sky conditions go but temperatures once again will soar into the 90s. 74degrees at reagan national. doing one of those nights where we don't cool off a lot. 67 at dulles. 67 in winchester. if you are thinking this weather is reminiscent of august, you are right and so is this high temperature. 91degrees, lots of sunshine. hot and humid out there this afternoon. more details on the weekend forecast. it will be cooler by saturday. i'll have those details in a minute. >>> neighbors in the close-knit lorton community are devastated. a fairfax county mom and two kids were killed in a hou
. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a check of our weather now immediately with tucker barnes. >> good morning once again. we've got temperatures in the upper 60s, even some low 70s throughout the area. we've got warmer temperatures on the way. going to be hot and humid as we get into the affect. maybe a needed thunderstorm late today. 69degrees at reagan national. 68 in ocean city. 66 out at dulles. # 5 for new hagerstown. very mild start to the day and we'll see high temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday as we'll expect high temperatures later this afternoon into the upper 80s and low 90s. -- 65 for you in hagerstown. a possibility, about a 20 to 30% chance we could see a thunderstorm. >>> a woman was found dead at an apartment complex on greenbelt road. investigators are not saying how she died but calls about gunshots did come into 911 just before her body was found. police do not have a suspect or motive at this time. >>> police are searching for a second teenaged suspect in the stabbing of a man at a shopping center in manassas. police say the man was takin
dhindsa. let's get a check of our forecast from tucker barnes. >> we do have the potential for record temperatures today for our friday. temperature right now, 74 degrees at reagan national. baltimore is 716789 ocean city, 73 degrees n fredericksburg, we're # 9. in winchester, we're 70. starting the day on the mild side. i did mention the fog. out to the east, route 50, prince george's county, parts of howard county, we are getting some pretty good fog. might want to take a few extra minutes on your way to work. other than that, generally clear conditions. just hot today. our high temperatures will soar into the mid-90s. so remember our record for the day, 94. this is not typical of this time of year. lots of sunshine, hot and humid your afternoon high. changes tonight, cooler temperatures for the weekend. i'll have details on that coming up for you in just a minute. >> perfect. time now for a look at our top stories. firefighters are back on the scene of a devastating fire in manassas. three homes were reduced to rubble along tillot loop. the massive inferno leaving behind nothing bu
of the weather with tucker barnes. >> good morning. so here is the changes from yesterday. after a beautiful clouds on the increase today. we need some rain. might get some later tonight. you can seat clouds streaming into the area from the west. it won't be a mostly cloudy day but we will have increasing clouds an i think by later this afternoon, the clouds will win out and it will be a mostly cloudy afternoon. rain showers should hold off. if you have plans to be outdoors, the morning commute should be just fine as the rain won't get in here until later tonight. temperatures with the cloud cover a little warmer than they've been. generally in the 60s. forecast calling for more clouds and warm temperatures as well with winds out of the south 10 to 15 miles per hour. high temperature about 87 degrees. sort of a summier afternoon temperature-wise with a little more humidity. more details on that forecast in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. >>> along with that deadly crash, some other top stories we are following. an argument at a popular hangout led to a shooting in upper marlboro, m
'm sarah simmons. gurvir has the day off. welcome to fox 5 morning news. tucker barnes in here. it was a perfect great fall- like morning and is it going to stay? >> it doesn't matter. redskinscowboys. that is the good news. weather-wise, we're fine. a little fog outs there this morning t will be sunny later this morning, high temperatures back into the 80s. it was a cool one yesterday, highs in the 60s and low 70s. it will be a lot better with the sunshine coming back. do have some morning fog. want to let you know. still some low clouds. can you see it. they're hanging tough. particularly east of the city but it will burn off as high pressure builds in from the west. the general trend is to increase the sunshine and increase the temperatures as well. # 4 in ocean city. hagerstown, 57. our forecast is a good one. it will be slow to develop but once it does t will be beautiful this afternoon with bright sunshine and again, high temperatures expected to be in the low to mid-80s. so about 8 # here in town. a little cooler off to the north and west. closer to 80 in places like hag
. >> and i'm allison seymour. we are happy you are with us. tucker barnes is in for tony with the latest on this day. and you're scaring me with word of a deluge tomorrow. >> we're comfortable now. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. we'll start with the satellite and look at that. our motion from south to north, waking up with cloud cover. might be a few rays of sunshine as you head out of the door and the clouds will increase and it looks like we have heavy rain in store. not so much today. i think the evening commute is okay, but into the nighttime and during the daytime tomorrow, a lot of heavy rain around as we have prop cal moisture to the south which is being pulled to the north. at this point we have a flash flood watch for later tonight and into the daytime on thursday. we're talking about the potential for several inches of rain. so the entire viewing area under a flash flood watch. it's not just the washington area. most of the mid-atlantic, right into southern new england under the flood watch. right now nice start. 61 at reagan national. 62 in frederick. 60 in fredericksber
weather with tucker barnes. ar >> that's neright. ig and earl intensified, gusts now to 170, impressive-looking hurricane. tracking off to the north, northwest currently at about 18t miles per hour. it looks ulike it still has a date with the outer banks after midnight tonight where we now have hurricane warnings. it's nonithe red you see on th hd radar. ad and then it will race up the coast. co we've extended the tropical as storm watches to canada. an so this will be a major event taking shape during the daytime hours tomorrow ytias it tracks to the north and east. want to show you something very impressive. look at the wave hights hi underneath the center of that t storm. they are approaching 37 feet. sow orget the idea. this water feeawill be pushed u the north and to the norm and west along the coastal areas and even in places like ocean oc city we could see maybe 10-15- foot waves tomorrow as the storm passes off to the north and east. i'll have eastmore on earl in a minutes. nu let's focus on our weather. at starting off with temperatures in the middle 70s. 7 75 at reagan nation
's head over to tucker barnes. he has the latest on earl and what we can expect here, too. >> good morning. losing steam, earl is, but still a major storm as it pushes to the north and east. category 2. gusts to about 115. let's show it to you. it continues to track to the north, northeast about 18 miles per hour. here is the good news. the eye of the hurricane never crossed any land areas. the worst is out to see. you can see the cloud covers and the rain showers pushing back on coastal communities. impressive sight here. it will generally be out of here by later this afternoon. after a cloudy start in washington, we should have sunshine this afternoon, partly sunny and highs about 90. let's go to hd radar. i mentioned showers close to town. ocean city is getting rain and across the bay, east of richmond, fredricksburg light sprinkles and southern maryland. can't rule out the possibility of bands of showers moving in during the morning hours. then as earl continues to push out to sea, it will quiet down here. temperatures, we are warm. 78 degrees. winds are out of the north and east at 6
. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we say good morning to tucker barnes. >> hot and steamy, that is the forecast. good morning, everybody. we have showers and thunderstorms moving through overnight. morning fog and then a mostly sunny afternoon. but it will be on the hot side once again later this afternoon. currently 71 degrees at reagan national. mild conditions as you start your morning. 67 in baltimore. 67 in winchester. ocean city, maryland, 70 degrees. showers and thunderstorms that rolled through last night have pushed off the coast and in its wake here, as i mentioned, a little morning fog and clouds off to the north and west. i don't think that will amount to much. maybe a couple of sprinkles near the pennsylvania border. unseasonably warm, our high temperature is well above average. back in the low to mid-90s. so a couple of hot days here before we get a weekend cooldown. here is your forecast. and a lot of sunshine by the afternoon and high temperatures back into the low 90s, so a lot of water if you are working outdoors. high temperature about
's check in with tucker barnes for a look at the forecast. >> lets he get right to it. >> it feels good out there. >> it feels great. temperature in the 50s and 60s. before a dense fog advisory out to the west. visibility is less than a quarter of a mile in some spots. generally speaking, should be a great-looking forecast for a monday. high temperatures back into the 80s so about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. currently, 50s an low 60s. 64 here in town. one of the warmer spots. 61 in frederick. 54 for you in winchester. 63 in ocean city. two things going on here. we have the low-level fog. you can't see that on the radar but trust me, it's out there. it will take a couple of hours for the winds to mix up the sunshine t will take sunlight to mix up the atmosphere and burn off the fog. the fog will stick with us probably through mid-morning. we'll see bright sunshine. 82 with sunshine by 5:00 p.m. this afternoon. more details on the forecast. it is a good-looking workweek. before a weather guy coming up, agood question in just a minute. >> great. thank you. >>> that fog could be quite an
is down there. we'll check in with him in a couple of minutes. >> first, we'll check in with tucker barnes. he has the latest on our summery forecast. >> you got it. hot and humid out there. our high temperature was 94 degrees. it felt good. >> it is fall! >> i know t won't feel like fall out there even though today is our first full day of fall. we'll have the possibility of record heat around here tomorrow. >> record? >> yes, something to look forward to. i'm kidding. let's take a look at what is going on. 73degrees at reagan national. 69 in fredericksburg. 71 at patuxent naval air station. showers and thunderstorms roll through parts of the overlast night. it brought some needed rain. that was the good news. it also brought a lot of lightning and some very gusty winds to parts of the area. that is offshore now and we're waking up with a little morning fog out there because of the overnight moisture. after some morning clouds an a little fog, i think it will be a mostly sunny afternoon. should be warm this morning and then hot this afternoon with highs once again topping out in the low 9
tucker barnes here with some severe weather information. >> we have a tornado warning east of the bay for the counties just to the east of the bay. let's get right to it. not in washington, we're talking east of annapolis. once again a tornado warning until 9:45 this morning for west central caroline county, county and kent county. the storm we're concerned about, let's go in closer is west of easton, north of oxford. you can see that little hook and that's indicating the possibility of a tornado. so again this is racing off to the north at about 45 miles per hour. we have no confirmed reports of any tornadoes on the ground at this moment, but we're under a tornado warning from 9:45. the safest place to be during a tornado is in the basement. so take shelter immediately if you are line of the storms and severe thunderstorms associated with the possible tornado pushing off to the north. >> thank you, tucker. serious information. >> i'll update you in a minute. >>> meanwhile, in other news we're watching history in the making in north korea this morning. the leader of the isolated count
for ask the weather guys. tucker barnes and i put our big geeky weather heads touring to answer your most pressing weather questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from crisis teen. she writes, we are experiencing such beautiful weather here and i was wondering, is there anywhere in the country where snow has fallen yet or is it too early in the season? good question, christine. it is a little bit too early but we are getting close to the time when parts of the country will begin to see snow. do you have any idea what part of the country? >> mike maybe the parts like the mountains. >> i would say denverish area. >> seattle, maybe some of the mountains around there. >> all right. tucker barnes, fill these kind folks in on where we are likely to see snow first. we have not seen any measurable snow hit the ground yet. >> across the lower 48, yes. we will show you that, if you look in the northern rockies, this time of year, that is the place to go. mountains of northern rockies. we are up near yellowstone park in northwest wyoming noorks montana, idaho that, part of t
this year. that would have been worse. it's been falling apart the last couple of days. >> tucker barnes has the latest on the weather. >>> very latest. and around here we continue the sunny streak. and normally we talk about what a great forecast we have, but we need rain. we start the week with more sunshine. and if you like heat and humidity for the first day of fall, we have it on the five- day forecast. you think so? well you just wait until you see the five-day. we have 90s or low 90s. and i mentioned a little chance of rain and the chances are slim. maybe wednesday night and thursday we might be able to eek out a thunderstorm but most of the week dry. and igor is still a hurricane. maximum winds 75 miles per hour. they had wind gusts up to 93 miles per hour in bermuda. so fairly significant storm pushing off to the north and east. now 70 at reagan national. warming up a little bit. still 60s off to the north and west. 66 in frederick. 64 in gaithersburg. 72 in fredericksberg. annapolis cooling down, 66 now. and leonardtown 68. our winds shifted out of the northwest gusting to about 25
to do a very quick mention halfy belated birthday, tucker barnes. >> thank you. >> forgot to mention that earlier. right now, yes, things look great. if you are headed back from the beach, great time to go. no problems on route 50. if you are headed back, it is recommended that you start become before 11:00 to avoid any major snags. there is an accident on the american legion bridge. this is on the inner loop as you travel from virginia into montgomery county. it is to the left side of the roadway. because of that light volume, not causing a problem. the outer loop looks great. no problems from college park all the way around towards bethesda and crossing the bridge into virginia. everything running at speed. you will find your lands wade open. usually, we start to see things stack up from the beltway up past edsall road. you are wide into the 14th street bridge today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> several virginia dmv offices will be open today. the state is continuing to try to clear that backlog of drivers license applications. thousands of people
chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. let's check in with tucker barns who has more on earl. timing is certainly bad for a lot of folks. >> it looks like during the day on friday, and the hurricane watch has been extended to include the virginia coastline. the storm has weakened. but let's go to vipir. first a quick look at hurricane watch. surf city, north carolina to paramour island, virginia, under a hurricane watch. don't be surprised if this doesn't get extended up into new jersey this afternoon. now to vipir. let's take a look the at storm -- at the storm, maximum winds 125, gusts over 140 and charging off to the north and west at 16 miles per hour. likely to keep this intensity as it approaching the carolina coastline overnight thursday and into friday morning and then charge up the coast during the day on friday. so watch this carefully over the next couple of days. locally we're doing fine. today is going to be another hot, sunny day with afternoon high temperatures back into the 90s. currently we're 76 degrees at reagan national. humidity 65%. winds shifting later out of t
'll check in with tucker barnes this morning. we had a lot of fog this morning. >> dense fog advisory this morning until 9:00 this morning. and we have the fog development out there with cool temperatures but it will burn off and be a beautiful day. i know it doesn't look like it now but 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and back into the 80s. out to the west, the fog advisory does include the city of washington or baltimore but out to the west from hagerstown down into virginia until 9:00 a.m. we have widespread reports of visibility a quarter mile or less in some spots. could be a slow go out to the west of town. let's take a look at the fashional scene and here in washington, comfortable start. 64 in the city. but 50s off to the west. and you can see most of the country seasonal for this time of year. all the way out to california, los angeles about 60 degrees. in dallas, where they are suffering a loss, 98. and in miami 78 degrees. looking at the country here, most of the united states is very quiet. we mentioned the tropics, very active. we'
for hurricane earl. my pal tucker barnes is here to kind of bring us up to date on all of that stuff. >> good morning to you. >> good morning, friend. >> lots going on. let's take a look at vipir and give you the latest on hurricane earl. look at that, an incredibly powerful hurricane. winds 140 miles per hour, gusts over 155. this is a very, very powerful storm. pressure has been falling during the last several hours. likely to maintain its intensity as it approached the north carolina coastline during the overnight hours tonight. we are about 18 to 24 hours away tray possible landfall. looks like it will just scoot along the coast but it could be too close to call. could make a brief landfall at the outer banks t will race up to new england. we'll get a glancing blow. certainly our coastal communities will get a lot of wind and problems with the waves over the next few days. here in washington, no problems directly associated with earl. we're doing fine right now. 77degrees at reagan national. let's push on and take a look at our current conditions. humidity is 64%. winds at five miles per
start to the day. it likes it will be a beautiful day all the way around. let's check in with tucker barnes now and get a look at the weather. we will in just a second but first, i want to tell you about this. the threat of hurricane igor caused a cruise ship carrying thousands of passengers to make an unexpected trip in boston. the ship took off last week enroute to bermuda but detoured because of the storm. they will set sail again stopping off in new york city wednesday. it hasn't done a ton of damage but it has upis the a lot of things, travel, sailing being one of them but it won't impact us too badly. >> right along the beaches, we had pretty big waves this weekend. right here in washington, nothing at all. you see the cloud cover some of our satellite pictures. very impressive storm. a slow mover and still a hurricane as of -- we'll get an update in just a couple of minutes but slowly weakening. our weather couldn't be better. another beautiful one yesterday. a little on the warm side. it looked like everybody at the redskins game was enjoying the beautiful afternoon. dulles w
dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. tucker barnes joins us once again this morning as we take a look at the forecast to today. it starts out in the 60s this morning.
. >> that was sincere. >> that was heartfelt. >> tucker barnes, there you go, out to the east. route 50 out towards bowie, crofton, you are getting some rain showers. that is where the heavy of the rain is. you can see inside the beltway and even out towards fronted royal, rain moving in from the south appear west. we'll show you lots more rain off it our south and to our south and west. temperature right now, 64 degrees. humidity, 94%. pressure is falling as that area of low pressure passes, approaches from our south. our forecast for today calling for lots and lots of rain and again, could be some thunderstorm activity and it is possible some of the storms could be on the strong side. we are under a very slight risk for severe weather. we got it all today. i can guarantee a slow commute. >> definitely. especially watch out for leaves starting to fall. thank you, tuck. >>> new this morning, a deadly shooting in landover, maryland. it happened just before midnight in the 3400 block ofatology park road. police responded to shots being fired and they found a man in a car suffering from at least one g
is tucker barnes to tell us more about what we can expect today. >> good morning. a real mess out there. a lot of rain falling across the area. we have this tornado warning set to expire in just a couple of minutes. a real mess with embedded thunderstorms, rainfall rates approaching two inches an hour in some spots. we've had reports of lots of gusty winds. we have a tornado warning, a wind advisory along the bay and a flash flood watch. let's get to it. hd radar, did want to show you the area we've been most currented with in the past half hour or so and that is east of the beltway, east of prince george's county along the bay there. see the intense yellows and reds. there is thunderstorm activity and doppler radar is indicating the possibility some of tornadoes. a tornado warning was issued about a half hour ago. it is in effect for a few more minutes. let's close in on that region. you can see the widespread rain across the region. this is pushing up towards mitchellville up across route 50 here in prince george's county. you can see the intense yellows and reds on your map. that is
this morning. first, let's go to tucker barnes for the weather. >> we'll be in for a nice day after yesterday and a couple of rain showers. it looked pretty ominous. during the morning hours, partly cloudy and mostly sunny this afternoon. our high temperature will be a little cooler. 73 at reagan national. we are still holding on to a little bit of that heat. 68 in winchester and still 70s to the south and east in front of our cold front, 76 in ocean city. forecast a good one becoming mostly sunny after morning clouds. cooler this afternoon, 84 degrees. more details on the forecast including a good-looking weekend. that. cog up in just a couple of minutes. >>> now, to our other top stories. the bore of a man who shot and wounded a doctor at johns hopkins hospital and then shot and killed his mother in a hospital bed before turning the gun on him says their brother probably thought their mother was suffering. police sound them dead ensued a hospital room after a two-hour standoff. their mother had arthritis and rheumatism and would likely lose her ability to work. as the orthopedic surgeon, da
today. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get right to tucker barnes. he is cooping an eye on the weather for us. it will be a little warmer for us than yesterday? >> yes, a couple of degrees. today, we'll be near 90. we will have a cooldown as we get to the middle and the end of the week. let's get to the maps and talk temperatures. we were a little bit warmer than we were 24 hours ago. 70 in washington. 66? winchester. patuxent naval air station, 72. in ocean city, we are 70. still, temperatures generally comfortable across the area t will be on the warm side but it should be bright and sunny for another afternoon. there is your satellite-radar. the quiet conditions, we've got rain showers up across sections of new england and cloud cover well off the coast but we're in between the two and for us that spells more high pressure and more nice weather. so bright sunshine today. it will be warmer than it should be with highs as mentioned close to 90. mostly sunny skies and warmer than what would be typical for this year, 89. cooler weather on the
dhindsa. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tucker barnes now. he has the latest on this chilly weather this morning but it is amazing it will warm up. >> yes, very comfortable conditions out there. nice blanket weather. let's get to it. we'll take a look at the current conditions and yesterday, what a nice day. clear skies, sunny and bright today. one or two clouds passing through. most of us won't see much of anything other than blue sky today and high temperatures in the upper 70s to about 80. so again, just another beautiful afternoon expected here across the area. temperatures, we mentioned they're cool and, in fact, they are cool. 50 at tull less. 50 in winchester. we have 40s in some spots off to the north and west. closer to the bay, 63 at patuxent naval air station and # -- and 63 in ocean city. no chance of rain. we need the rain. got a couple of chances here in the five-day forecast. we'll have detail on that in just minutes. >> thank you. we'll check in with julie in just a few minutes. fit, our top stories. ending don't ask being don't tell. the sen
so it's getting better. >>> one man who is very excited about all of that, tucker barnes is keeping an eye on our weather for today. hey, tucker. >> good morning. i've only seen one episode but i look forward to seeing more this season. high temperatures once again in the upper 70s to about 80 and that's after a cool start this morning. a lot of 40s on the map. particularly the north and west this morning. 48 in frederick. 54 in winchester. 54 in hagerstown. 60 here in downtown washington and a little warmer closer to the bay. patuxent naval air station 59 degrees. a lot of sunshine in the forecast and humidity will stay relatively low today as we continue to be under the influence of a big area of high pressure. there is your satellite radar. very quiet conditions. a few clouds out to the west, maybe a scattered shower or thunderstorm late in the day tomorrow but in front of that more nice weather, and just about 80 degrees. winds out of the north and east at 5 miles per hour. more details on the forecast. we are going to warm up and it will feel like summertime for the first day o
. tucker barnes has the latest on the numbers. tucker? >> rain totals now 1-3 inches, some places breaking the 4-inch barrier. back to the max hd system and i'll show you the rainfall totals. leesberg, virginia, 2.69 inches. this is to 7-inch. and annapolis 2 inches and montgomery county air park, 1.62. and did i mention fort belvoir, 2.15. so you get the idea. we're starting to fall between two and three inches of rain across the region. let's talk about the flash flood warning very quickly and that's most of the region here under a flash flood warning until late morning, early afternoon. already have widespread reports of ponding on roadways. i would suspect the creeks and rivers will have problems shortly as the rain continues to come down. let's open it up very quickly, can we go to vipir and i want to show one more time all of the rain streaming in from the south. we still have several hours to go here before all is clear and a lot of very intense bands of rain continuing to stream in from the carolinas and i would expect it would be late morning, early afternoon, before we call it qu
barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions. tucker not here today but we worked on the questions before hand. i love today's question. this is from chris trainham in frederick, maryland. chris wants to know why are the letters on the computer keyboard and type write are all mixed up? he says on the computer keyboard and the typewriter, we got to go back to the typewriter. that is why the letters are the way they are. i think we have a shot of a computer keyboard. you notice the top row of letters,qwerty. this is the dominant keyboard in use throughout the world where they use the english language. it was developed by an inventor names c. l. shoals. his first typewriter had all the letters in alphabetical order. inside the typewriter, the letters were on type bars so when you hit the key, the bar came up and hit a ribbon with ink on it, hit the piece of paper, made the imfront of the letter. when the type bars were in alphabetical order, they would jam up all the time because we tend to use some letter combinations that are very common. the t and h
of ask the weather guy. this is the segment tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. it has been some time since we've had a question that was not weather-related. we have one today. today's question comes from melissa who asks or writes, my 10-year-old daughter cori inform a would like to know are you two on team edward or team jacob. >> i knew this was going to happen. >> i love that. >> which are you? >> you know what? let's go to tucker first. >> is he an expert? >> tucker has seen all the twilight movies. >> i haven't seen them all. >> how many have there been? >> there have been three. >> all right. maybe i have seen them all. not up tensionally. i'm trying to be supportive of other people in my life. so i do have some level of expertise. i got to be honest with you. i'm all about jacob. if i were bella, i would be team jacob all the way. edward is too sensitive. he is sort of stalker-like in the movie. he just stares at her and says how much she means to him but jacob is -- he is sort of physically an anim
where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to we are your most preeing questions, weather- related or otherwise. thank you's question come from cameron arks fourth grade student at georgetown day school. cameron writes, i'm doing a project extreme weather. can you please plain what a tsunami was. good question. only now as i'm reading it on the air do i think cameron, we're doing your homework for you. >> i thought that right away. cameron is very smart. >> yes, she is. students can be among the most devastating weather-related events if you call it weather- related. it is not really weather- related. >> loosely. >> loosely. that we see on the planet. a tsunami is essentially a giant wave or series of waves that is made in an ocean or another very large body of water like the super big lake that is usually caused by an earthquake a landslide ache volcanic eruption or the impact of a meteor. >> really? >> yes. we're familiar -- we've gotten more familiar with tsunamis over the recent years after the large one we saw in asia and i think we have some file footage. but also because no
'll get another check on our forecast from tucker barnes. we'll show you satellite images right now of the big story we're watching today. that is hurricane earl making its way toward the east coast. more on that when we return. !% >>> that's what we're talking about today, is earl. the big story. >> going to be the story for the next couple of days as it approaches the coastline. and very formidable. maximum winds over 125, and gusts over 140-150. that's a major storm. >> it was downgraded. >> but still, as i said earlier, in 2003 isabel came through and it was only a tropical storm. you can imagine how much more powerful earl is. and we'll continue to watch it as it approaches. thursday night and friday would be the timing. carolina coast first and then up the eastern seaboard. because of that we have a hurricane watch. and this is a big change from last night. the hurricane watch has been extended to include most of the virginia coastline. so all the way from the north carolina-virginia border up to parramour island, virginia, now under a hurricane watch and the entire hurricane
you'll find out more today when you go to the stadium -- or to the park. >>> tucker barnes joining us. does it continue to be the day that it started out as? >> it's cloudy with mist now. and rain later today. rain on the radar, moving up from the south and w. and once it moves in, it will be in to hurry to get out of here. and not much rain this month so we need the rain. >> that is true, tuck. >> thanks, allison. it is true. hd raider showing mist. not much in the way of measurable rain. a couple of light showers off to the west, west of leesberg. not even picking it up here on hd radar. but a lot of clouds out there, and foggy and misty with the warm up temperatures back into the 70s here. and you can see the rain streaming in from the south and west. that's how we know it will be a rainy day. a lot on the map here and you can see shower activity into central virginia. look at the dark yellow or reds off the carolina coast. this is storm activity and some of it has been severe. all of that is lifting up fors the mid-atlantic. so later this afternoon, in addition to rain, we could b
, the most popular segment in local television. tucker barnes and i put our big heading to to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question is from gina in manassas. we have edited this question. most of what she wrote was praise for our show. i'm serious an how much she enjoys it. we took the high road. >> typically, you edit it by adding thing like that. >> here is her question. i was wondering what effect it the dry summer would have on our fall colors. >> it's good question and it is likely to have an effect on our fall colors. this is complicated. basically, if we have a relatively dry summer which we've had and we don't have enough rain, that tends to mute the colors a little bit and delay the onset of the colors. >> not as pretty. >> not as vibrant. >> that is correct. the main thing that affects when the leaves fall every year is the calendar. it is the length of the night. as the nights lengthen and they get cooler and cooler, that is what signals the trees to start dropping those leaves. so in term of the colors, rainfall and other things i
>>> let's get a check of our weather with tucker barnes. he will give us the latest on this hot, humid day ahead. >> you got it right. hot and humid forecast, with temperatures back into the 90s. we haven't gotten rid of them yet. and hot before a gradual cooldown this weekend. 74 degrees at reagan national. not too bad. a mild start. outside of the beltway lows in the 60s. humidity up, we do get rain across parts of the area yesterday and that contributing to fog. pressure is rising 30.19 inches. looking at our satellite radar, you'll notice that the shower and thunderstorm activity that muched through the region -- that moved through the region last night is off the coast and now just a few clouds working through the viewing area off to the north and west and a couple of light sprinkles near the pennsylvania border. so here is forecast, partly cloudy to start the day and mostly sunny this afternoon. and hot. our average high temperature in the upper 70s. we're talking about low 90s out there the next couple of days. mostly sunny and hot and humid. sit for the daytime high. we
interesting, our weather. changes today, tomorrow and sunday. tucker barnes is here with more. >> we've got fog across the area and get ready for record heat. mid-90s, it's going to feel like august out there. let's get started with a fog advisory, all the counties in gray. i moments ago got an update, montgomery county now the fog advisory has been let to expire. carroll county and frederick county in maryland, the fog advisory has been lifted but still in effect in prince george's county and ann arundel county, howard county until 11:00 this morning. visibilities in spots a quarter mile or less. we expect the fog will burn off rather quickly. the sun's had a chance to get up in the sky a bit. and we are looking at a bright, sunny afternoon. should be mostly sunny this afternoon but again it's going to be hot around here. our average daytime high only in the 70s. don't forget eventual highs in the mid-90s this afternoon. currently 74 degrees at reagan international. winds out of the south at 6-7 miles an hour. hot and humid out there, lots of sunshine. high temperature 95 degrees. i'll hav
a nice little warm-up. >>> time now for ask the weather guys. tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's questions comes from 14- year-old chris in stafford, virginia. he asks, although it could be a woman, a girl. so he or she asks, i notice that once igor developed an eye t stayed if a while and then closed up again. i also observed this in hurricane danielle and hurricane earl. why does this happen? is there a name for it? also, whenever a hurricane is fully developed, i notice what likes feather is on the outside of the storm. why do hurricanes do this? good questions, chris. someone would is very observe and. all right. we'll talk about the eye wall first. very observant. yes, these eye walls, especially with the bigger hurricanes, in fact, primarily with the bigger hurricanes, they drop, you see them and they break down and then a new one develops. this is called the eye wall replacement cycle. tucker knows a lot about this as well. this is something -- tucker, i'm correct in saying this occurs m
to fox 5 morning news on this thursday morning. let's get a look at that forecast for today. tucker barnes joins us with hopefully more good news. >> okay news. we've got more clouds than yesterday. not going to be picture perfect like it was. a little warmer than yesterday. a little more humid as well. we are going to have a gorgeous weekend with more details on that coming up. we'll talk about current conditions and we are in the 60s generally across the area here in town. humidity, 57%. wind are out of the east at six miles per hour. pressure is falling just a little bit. i mentioned cloud cover. can you see it streaming in here from the west. what this is is a warm front. it will be noticeably more humid. still not bad by summer standards but after the perfect weather we had around here the last couple of days, more clouds in the forecast. the rain should hold off until the nighttime hours particularly overnight into tomorrow morning. at least the daytime hours will be dry if you've got outdoor plans. we have a frontal system that will com
to tucker barnes. you are not feeling too cool out there? >> i love this weather. this is great for me. >> it is great. >> temperatures in the 50s, 60s outside the beltway. one of the coolest mornings i'm going to guess in 90 days. >> are you going to guess? >> it is a holiday. i'm going to do the research in a minute or two. i'm going to go late back. i bet it is late may or early june since we've been in the 50s or 60s across the region. >> sounds good. >> you think so? >> yep. >> we'll talk about temperatures and lots of sunshine in the forecast today with highs a little warmer than yesterday. yesterday, upper 70s, low 80s for afternoon highs. today, we'll be about five degrees warmer than that. 60 at dulles international. bwi marshall, 58 degrees. and there are low 50s not too far away. even some upper 40s out in the mountains of west virginia. very comfortable conditions and you know, you actually get under the blankets for a change. there you go. lots of quiet conditions. high pressure will remain firmly rooted across the washington area today. it will start to push offshore late
. tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or other swies. - - otherwise. this is the hardest question we've ever had. today's question is from onin win which ther p he writes, when i aperson looks into space, how do the scientists know that they are looking into the past and not looking into the future? >> very deep. deep thoughts by onfrom on-- by john from winchester. >> those not an easily answered question. when you are researching it, it leads you to all kind of other things about physics, time, the space-time continuum. it is teen. tucker, you want me to start this. >> i want you to start and finish it. >> i'll start it. basically speaking, what john is talking about, you know, you've heard this. the light from stars that we see is traveling such a long way that by the time it gets here, the original star itself may be gone. it is did you have rent than it appears to us now -- it is different than it appears to us now because we are just getting the light. light travels at the speed of 18 # thousand miles per second.
in for gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's say good morning to tucker barnes. >> we want to see all of you, not just half of you. >> did you guys get a thunderstorm last night. >> i did not. >> i saw a lot of lightning but that is as much as i got. >> i laid down to go to bed about 8:00. and sure enough it arrived so i couldn't sleep until 9:30. >> maybe i sliptd through it. >> the shower and thunderstorm activity is out of here after providing some of us fireworks during the evening hours and we are left with warm temperatures. didn't really cool us down a whole lot. 74-degree at reagan national. 67 in baltimore. 67 out at dulles. you get the idea here, these temperatures much warmer than they've been the last couple of mornings. 67 in winchester. the shower and thunderstorm activity was kind of spotty in nature, kind of isolated. some of us got some pretty big storms. that has slipped off the coast. the morning fog will burn off and we'll be left with a hot and humid one this afternoon with once again temperatures jumping into the 90s. re
, it is time for ask the weather guys. it is the big segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing question weather- related or otherwise. bill much asks at the moon is coming up earlier in the evening is mars visible with it and where? this is awe reasonable and rational question. there are others asking similar questions of ask the weather guy including is mars -- are we about to see mars appear in the sky as big as the moon. if it will be at big as the moon, i need to tell you. the answer to the we is mars going to be as big as the moon? no, it is not. is mars visible in the sky right now? not rally. because mars is so low on the horizon. can we come off that graph graphic for just a moment. mars is on the western horizon. as the sun is setting, it is in twilight, you can't see it, not very well. this is all. cog from internet rumors that have been going around every year about this time since 2003 for some reason. >> why is that? >> we don't know. i don't know if it is one person spreading in room spreading in -- this rumor every year that
. >> didn't you guys get the invite to tucker barnes' big cookout bash that is happening. >> i think mine must be lost in the mail. >> where is that invite? >> it is on the way. >> madeleine albright >> maybe earl blew it away. >> that is the cruise like a dog ate -- that is the excuse like a dog ate my homework. >> exactly. >>> we are note iing on northbound i-95 approaching quantico, there is an accident. that is what is tying up the left side of the road. in the backup, there is another crash tying up the left side of the highway. that will keep you on the brakes brakes as you guys travel northbound out of stafford. meanwhile, behind me, this is the top side outer loop. no incidents to report. the outer loop of the beltway looking good passing university boulevard headed around towards georgia avenue. fairland road, that is where we have reports of an accident on 29. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> all right. thank you so much. more now on our developing story. we are continuing to follow earl this morning. it is making its presence felt in north carolina. pounding t
if this for quite some time. tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most preeing questions weather- related or otherwise. today question is from kd here in washington. kd is getting married on november 7th and writes what time will the sun set and what is the expected forecast for that day and finally, is that the day that the time changes? she wants to get married right as the sun is setting and is hoping it does not rain. keep in mind, tucker and i are not planning on starting a wedding planning business. maybe we should though. so far it has gone well. we give another wedding day prediction and it turns out to be right. we showed this to you recently. tuck ears perhaps turned out to be right on which was great. so we'll turn to tucker again. because tucker takes an educated guess about this. >> you want to emphasize that it is a guess. >> but some thinking goes into it. >> just a little bit of thinking i really concentrate hard on this because i know how much pressure there is for the wedding days. this is not an easy forecast because that time of year, a lot can go on,
, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big geeky weather heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question is from mary in loudoun county. mary writes why is morning dew more prevalent the further you go outside of cities? is it because of the increased amount of vegetation versus asphalt? thanks, large-headed geeky ones. it's one thing when i say it. >> she's just showing that she pays attention. >> i did not read the whole question until it was put up. mary, you are onto something. part of the reason is because of the increased vegetation outside of urban areas and it is a couple of things. first of ark there is more -- and you note this because you live out to the west. you talk about we had the dew and it was so pretty and we don't have any here. here is what happens. we talked about this once before. as the temperature falls, the air holds less moisture. we talked about this not too long ago when we were talking about snow and how it is harder to snow when it is super cold because there is less moisture in the air. so the air h
morning. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. we say good morning to tucker barnes once again and you know what? it is a little cool out there this weekend. >> it sure did. you can feel fall in the air now, can't you? kind of rebound to summertime temperatures today. we'll be back in the 80s after a cool one yesterday with highs generally in the 60s and low 70s. nice start to the day. we've got a little fog out there. let's get to it. we'll talk about temperatures. it is now in the middle 60s in town and there are 50s off to the north and west. maybe a light jacket as you head out the door. 65degrees at reagan national. humidity up, the overnight being during the day with the rainfall contributing to a little fog across the region. here is your pressure. it is rising. that tells us the conditions will gradually improve here. we'll get a look at satellite- radar. you have to look real carefully, you can kind of see the gray. that is the low clouds and fog hanging tough here. that will burn off as high pressure builds in.
this morning and shared his comments earlier this hour. >> very good. >>> now we've got tucker barns with a look at the five-day forecast. >> great looking day. in fact temperatures just a little cooler than yesterday with a nice breeze out of the north and west. 82 for an afternoon high. notice the next couple of days, a lot of sunshine. and clouding up late on the day on thursday. we need the rain. we'll get light showers for the first part of friday
morning. let's say good morning to tucker barnes and get a look at that forecast. >> just getting latest information here as we speak. believe it or not, earl is getting stronger by the hour. i don't think it is likely to get much more intense. it's very strong hurricane. let's get right to it. i want to he show you vipir. i want to show you the satellite-radar there. you go. can you see that the storm has an enormous eye here. wave got hurricane-force winds about 90 miles from the center. tropical storm wind about 230 miles from the center. just getting the latest information, maximum winds now 145 miles per hour, gusts over 1 # 06789 the pressure has been falling the last couple of hours. so not losing any strength here as it approaches coastline. hurricane warnings now for much of north carolina and even here along the lower eastern shore, we've now got tropical storm warnings and hurricane watches. we are getting ready for it as it pushes offer to the north and then to the north and east. this is really impressive stuff. -- it pushes off to the north. computers are estimating that th
dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us. let's say good morning to tucker barnes with a look at what is happening here. >> good morning. just getting the latest on earl. maximum winds down to 125 miles per hour. that is a category three hurricane. still a major hurricane. very dangerous. it will be approaching the mid- atlantic here during the next couple of days. let's show you vipir. it is tracking off to the north an west at about 13 miles per hour. still a very intense storm. the pressure up slightly. you can see that things have become a little elongated which tell us it is not quite as intense as it was a few hours ago. want to mention a hurricane watch has now been extended for the virginia coastline up to just south and east of ocean city. let's get to local weather. we are mild. 77degrees. humidity, 64%. winds are out of the south and west at five miles per hour. pressure down a little bit. this area of happen that has been giving us the heat starting to break down. winds will shift a little bit today. this will be the last day of extreme heat as we get i
. >>> it is time for ask the weather guys. it is a segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question comes from mary in arlington. she asks why do all hurricanes and tropical storms start off the coast of africa. >> good yes. >> yes, it is a good question. mary, mary, mary. they do not all form off the coast of africa although many of them do. particularly touring -- many of them do, particularly during the peak of hurricane season. i'm going to get tucker involved because he is better with the science. it is essentially tropical waves that come off the west coast of africa, move out into the atlantic so -- ocean where the waters are warm. >> what happens, you get little kinks in the atmosphere and you get spun in the foyer as these waves come off the coast of africa. we call them easterly waves. during the peak of hurricane season, which is right now, that spin in the atmosphere, sometimes showers and thunderstorms can originate and grow up and around that spin. this is where you get the storm
. >>> and tucker barnes is joining us with a better look at the labor day forecast. >> my favorite time of the year. warm afternoons, cool overnight and if the morning. >> very comfortable. >> very comfortable. a nice day today, just like yesterday. a little bit warmer. but no rain and no thunderstorm activity expected today. we need the rain but we won't get it but that's good news because i know for the holiday people have out door plans. 62 degrees, humidity 65%, winds at 6 miles per hour and pressure up will keep us dry. and generally clear and sunny for the next couple of days, nice and quiet as most of the storminess is shouldn'ting shouldn'ted -- shunted off to the north. and winds will move this afternoon and nice and warm afternoon with highs back in the middle 80s. so good looking forecast. i'll have details on a 90- degree day and cooler air toward the end of the week. >> it looks good, tucker. >> going to be fantastic. >>> and let's check in with lauren demarco. >> things looking good out there with the light volume because of the holiday. we do have an accident reported on 66 westbound
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